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Our FAQ section, in case of any further questions not covered below, please contact us via chat or use the contact form.

What payment methots do you offer?

We accept all payments methods available by Paypal.

Can I cancel or change my order?

It depends if we started the production process or not. As we offer personalised products only, made to in order to following your needs we are unable to offer those products to other customers. We usually start the production process after your payment is cleared. In case of any changes of your order, please contact us as soon as it possible and we’ll do our best to help you.

Can I return ordered products?

Our products include warranty, so in case if any product is faulty or doesn’t meet your needs please contact us as we always do our best to fully satisfy our customers. However all of the products we offer are personalised, custom made products following your individual project and needs and in accordance with the Consumer protection from unfair trading act we don’t offer returns.

What if notise some problem with printed photos?

The quality of printed photos depends on the resolution/quality of uploaded files. In case if the uploaded photos were of low resolution/quality the final printing result might be of lower quality as well, however we do our best to check/verify all the uploaded files before they are printed.
When it comes to possible difference of colours between those ones from the photo you see on your screen and the colours of already printed photos, this might be related to a few factors:
– different setting of the colours in your monitor
– software you use for viewing photos
– improper calibration of the monitor
The difference might be also related to the properties of printed fabric itself.

How can I place a bulk order?

If you wish to order in bulk please contact us, we’ll prepare a discounted offer for you.